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A.C. Quintero picture actfl.jpegThank you for visiting Teaching Spanish Made Easy!  This is a place to share resources, activities, ideas for empowering students in their newly acquired language!  I have been on this journey for a while. With approximately 14 years of teaching under my belt, I have interacted with over thousands of students, perfecting my craft. As a lifelong learner myself.  I earned a Master’s in Latin American Literature and Cultures, in addition to a Master’s in Educational Leadership. I’ve worked as a moderator, school evaluator, and consulting teacher for the International Baccalaureate Program. In the last few years, I have had to the good fortune to present at ACTFL and AATSP.  These programs and opportunities have enriched my worldview and strengthened my commitment to reaching every student. 

I started my career as an educator in an  International Baccalaureate (IB) organization and that experience continues to shape my approach to teaching. I am a strong advocate combining project-based learning with language acquisition principles to promote deep-thinking the World Language classroom. I also incorporate Comprehensible Input strategies into the curriculum to provide an optimum and rich language-learning experience for every student! Having taught middle school to college level courses, I have learned to rely on the same repertoire which has yielded fruitful results: wrap the curriculum around the student. With the students at the center of the curriculum and their experience, identity, interests, and concerns as the prime content driver, I’ve garnered the best results. 

I am also a published CI author! I specialize in young adult literature in Spanish. I believe in the power of reading, and how that students learn best when they are totally engrossed, engaged and empowered to learn.  You can check out the young adult literature selection by clicking this link. These novels will connect with your students as they cover a range of topics, cultures, and life choices!  You can read more about them here: A.C. Quintero Novels and Resources Teachers Pay Teachers Classroom Stories

A.C. Quintero

Thank you for checking out Teaching Spanish Made Easy, and see you soon!